Success Stories of Thai Professionals

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Feedback from our corporate clients regarding our job fair and services.

"Thank you very much for your hospitality during the Thai Link career fair. I was pleased with everything. We received many wonderful resumes. I am hopeful we can hire some quickly."

Ms. Ruth Glover, recruiter from Alpha-TI

"...he may have to delay his return back to Thailand first...same thing goes for anyone to consider leaving in Sept. Reason being is that I want them to go and visit the Alphatec Manteca facility to get first hand knowledge of Semiconductor Assembly. 2ndly ...then I want to arrange a trip for these guys to go and visit some of our Raw Material Suppliers with Alphatec people so that they can get initiated to the materials required to build the semiconductor unit first ...then we can talk about coming back to Thailand."

"Your help has been exempliary and beyond the call of you have gone the extra yard for our future engineering...thanks for doing that."

Mr. Bryan Patmon, Engineering Manager of Alphatec Electronics

Feedback from Thai students and professionals regarding our job fair and services.

" They have given me an excellent offer and I will be in a Senior Eng. position or Supervisory Eng. I wanted to thank you again for giving me this opportunity which was a direct result of your Thai Link job fair."

"I want to let you know my progress. The training in Thailand was great. Now I am training in Dallas. I will be here for at least 6 months and then will go to vendor site training. In about a year, I should be going back to Thailand and help start up the Fab. Everything is fun and exciting. Thank you again, for your helping hand."

Mr. Vitipoan Sangnam, Thai Professional currently employed by Alpha-TI

"Thank you very much for the Thai (Link) Job Fair that gave me an opportunity to expose myself to the famous companies from Thailand."

Mr. Kanok Limbipichai, Thai Student in the US

"This come to let you know how much I appreciate your helpfulness. I am thankful that this trip helps me in my career opportunity and let me get to know other Thai's. I am sure that your agency will be very beneficial to many Thai's abroad. I will also refer my college of your great service and opportunities to meet great people."

Mr. Ukrit Eric Taychachaiwongse, Thai Professional in the US

"I would like to thank you for all the hard work and effort you have put into helping me and my career."

Kanchana Garcia, American born Thai student

"Thank you for good news...Again, I would like to say that I am serious about this job and would like to thank you for all the help that you have provided. I believe that you are doing a wonderful job in promoting an awareness of the great opportunities and potentails in Thailand, and also in helping out the Thai community in the US."

Thawi Iwagoshi, Thai Student in the US

The opportunity is not limited to only the Thai, far-sighted foreigners also benefited from our services.

"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I did get a job through the Thai link job fair that I attended in Boston earlier this year. I'm not sure if you remember me but I was one of the few "Falangs" there. I got a job with the Alpha-TI joint venture going into Thailand next year. So, thanks for your help and effort. It was more than worth the trip from Knoxville to Boston and I enjoyed meeting all you nice people in the process"

"Just to let you though, I won't be in Thailand for quite a while. We Alpha-TI and I, are in training in Dallas with approximately 50 Thai people hired both here and from Thailand. Some of us, the manufacturing people, will be going to Taiwan to train our operators that are being recruited in Thailand now. I have met two other Thai-link people here."

Mr. Jim Gibson, US professional from Knoxville, TN

Feedback regarding our Web site, Media and Publication.

"Firstly, I appreciate to get into this web site so much, you know why ? because this web-site have a strong idea to establish to, that for Thai people, I don't know who is get this idea, but I appreciate in you, then I would like to help you in all things I can help you,"

Mr. Niwat Punanwarakorn, Thai Graduate student

"I just checked your web site today. It is very interesting home page. I did not know that there is a home page for a job in Thailand."

Ms. Panit Iemdeengamlert, Thai Student in the US

"I was scanning the Internet and came across you. I was impressed with the wealth of information on Thailand you have."

Mr. David Ragusa

"Thank you very much for the Thai link Boston Fob Fair 1996 book which I received in my office today. I promptly ran the diskette and found your presentation of Thai Link very interesting and very professional. I wish all the companies in Thailand who are trying to recruit Thai professionals would have you work for them as consultant to produce such diskette presentations of their individual companies, so that their recruitment efforts would be further enhanced"

Mr. Peter Srisavasdi

From: SMTP%"" 3-MAY-1996 15:25:02.46
Subj: Success

Vitipoan Sangnam

Hello Khun Cholthanee,

I wanted to tell you that I have accepted a job with Alpha-TI and will be flying to Thailand for training on May 15th for one month. Then I will be going to Dallas for 6 to 12 months of training. Of course the last step is to Thailand.

They have given me an excellent offer and I will be in a Senior Eng. position or Supervisory Eng.

I wanted to thank you again for giving me this opportunity which was a direct result of your Thai Link job fair. I will remember what you have done for me and will always be available to help your cause in any way I possibly can.

I will continue to inform and update you on my progress towards success in life.

Respectfully Yours,


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