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King Bhumibol Adulyadej Square Monument , A Gift for His Majesty Birthday

December 5 th , 2003 will mark the King's 76 th birthday. The King of Thailand Birthplace Foundation (KTBF) and the City of Cambridge had worked together to renovate the King Bhumibol Adulyadej Square . The new monument was installed on November 18, 2003 . The new North America pink granite monument matches and aligns with the existing granite columns entrance to J.F.K Park . The city standard black sign, King Bhumibol Adulyadej Square was installed in place of the old bronze plaque King Bhumibol Square sign on November 21st, 2003 . This sign is visible on both sides. The people can see from the street side and the park side. The new King Bhumibol Square now is more attractive and visible to public and worthy for His Majesty the King. We intend to give this new monument a gift for His Majesty the King's Birthday. This monument is also a contribution from KTBF to the City of Cambridge .

We are so proud of the work we have done with highly support from the City of Cambridge and friends of KTBF. This monument is filled in with love and respect to His Majesty the King from Thais, American and heartfelt from the City of Cambridge . The new King Bhumbol Square will help promote Thailand and our beloved king. This is a very unique piece of art and it is an “ icon” of Thailand in the United States of America and in the world. The King Bhumibol Adulyadej Square will maintain the close ties with the United States and especially with Cambridge .

We have been working very diligently on this project for five years and had made many turns with no success. We finally stopped making a turn when Mayor Michael A. Sullivan is in the city's office. The good support from the mayor and Lisa Peterson, Commission and The Department of Public Works (DPW) team have made the work simplify. We also received very generous support from the architects and contractors that made the cost of project affordable for a young non-profit corporation. Without their support, it would be impossible for KTBF to carry on our mission. We are thankful to all supporters.


The monument is settled on the City of Cambridge property and a few feet away from the old sign. It locates at the intersection of Bennett Street and Eliot Street in front of J.F.K School of Government, Harvard University . The front of monument faces toward The Charles Hotel. It is at the eye sight distance for the people who walk across street from the cross walking. Most of people who pass by would stop and reads the bronze plaque on the monument.

Monument Design

Constructing a monument composed of the granites and bronze plaque.

  • Material – Base and Top pieces are made of Pink America granite from Rock of Age, Vermont . Granite pillar color and texture to match existing columns at J.F.K park

  • Base – Solid granite installing 8” above the ground with 2'-6” foundation

  • Weight – top = 1,500 lbs, base = 1,800 lbs

  • Height – 4' above the ground

  • Front Elevation – attached bronze plaque 1' 6” X 1' X 6”

  • Bronze plaque – original content on the old plaque that was approved by the palace and was unveiled by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on November 14th, 1992 .





Artist Qualifications and Constructions

The Architects Forum, Inc. is the design Architects of the monument. The Thai Architects couple, Mr. Chalermpol (Chareles) and Mrs. Muntana Intha who are also KTBF committee worked on the design and coordinated all activities.

The landscape is designed by Halvorson, Co. The sketch is done by the Thai woman, Pranissa Boonkhom, a Harvard University School of Design graduate who now works for this company. Pranissa is a daughter of the former Dean of the Architect School , Chulalongkorn Univeristy, Bangkok in Thailand . This dean was also Charles's classmate. The City of Cambridge contracted this company to design and incorporate the King Bhumibol Adulyadej Sqaure in that landscape. This landscape project is in the citywide landscape development in the near future. In the design, you will see another matching granite column on the same side on the right. There are two matching columns across the street on the Harvard Square Hotel at the cross walking entrance.

Woodlawn Memorials, Inc. constructed the monument and bronze plaque. The team of five people delivered the monument to the site and also worked with six people of the installation team on Tuesday, November 18, 2003 until the job is completed.

C.C. Brothers Construction, Inc. started digging the ground from the spot that Dig Safe marked on the ground at the site since 9:00 am and the installation completed at 5:00 pm on November 18, 2003 .

DPW had done a great work guiding, assisting and reviewing the work on every step. The final review was completed on Wednesday, November 19. The work has been approved. The old King Bhumibol Adulyadej Square Bronze sign was removed and replaced by the city standard black sign on Friday, November 21, 2003 .

KTBF has been responsible for closely monitoring, and reviewing the work with artists and contractors to ensure every aspect of the project meets a high standard of excellence that suitably honors the King of Thailand and his accomplishments while upholding the City of Cambridge's high standards for architecture. Cholthanee Koerojna, President, Charles and Muntana Intha had worked with all contractors at the site from start to finish on Tuesday, November 18 under the cold weather. We then reviewed the work again on the next day and Saturday, November 22 after the city standard black sign was installed.



KTBF paid for the cost of the granite, bronze plaque, site preparation and installation. We received unbelievable quote comparing to the quality product and services.

Architectural Design $0.00

Granite and Bronze Plaque $4,950.00

Installation $3,700.00

Total Cost $8,650.00



KTBF is a very young non profit corporation with limited fund. We rely on the individual and corporate contribution, but we have not been working on the fundraising campaign as much as we expected due to the shortage of human resources and facilities. KTBF received the first seed money of $5,000.00 from Charles Intha of The Architects Forum on the first year. The second year, we worked on the King statue project. Fund has spent on our major expenses of the incorporation legal fee and two statues of the King, one is the original plaster statue and another one is the bronze statue. We then received contribution once awhile. We sometimes received income for doing services to Americans or Thais who need assistance in translation or presentation about Thailand and Thai culture. The corporation earns most money from the cultural promotion activities, such as food sale, cooking show, cultural shows, and festivals; Songkran Thai New Year and Loy Krathong. One time we raised fund about $3,000.00 from Cholthanee's 50 th birthday. Although we earn a little bit of money each year, we are able to accomplish King Bhumibol Adulyadej monument as our major goal.



Our artwork is almost maintenance-free due to its granite and bronze materials.

However, it may need a minimal maintenance cost for clean up. We plan to arrange personnel to maintain the King's monument regularly. With the cooperation of the City of Cambridge , we may schedule to work with the city personnel for annual cleanings of the monument. We guarantee to maintain landscaping around the monument throughout the year.


Benefits of the Monument to the Cambridge Community

•  Recognize the significance of Cambridge as the birthplace of "the world's only American-born monarch."

•  Increase business in Cambridge from visitors who come to pay respect to His Majesty.

•  Establish Cambridge as a historical locale for the people of Thailand and Thai-Americans.

•  Increase interest in Cambridge as a destination for higher education for students and professionals from Thailand and for Thai Americans.

•  Enhance the existing bilateral relationship between the United States and Thailand .

•  Promote cultural exchange and diversity.

•  Educate Americans and new-generation Thais living in the USA about the King of Thailand.


His Majesty the King's Monument

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand is the only monarch of a foreign country to be born in the United States . King Bhumibol was born at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge on December 5th, 1927 , giving him the distinction of being the longest reigning king of any country in the world. Cambridge has thus become like a Thai capital city away from Bangkok .

His Majesty the King's Monument will serve as a place where Thai people and the community as a whole can learn more about the King of Thailand and the City of Cambridge . It will be a place for Thai people to feel at home while traveling or living abroad here in the United States , and it will also encourage the community to learn about the king, the country and its people. This is an excellent way to give something back to Thailand , to King Rama IX and to the community of Cambridge . We truly believe that Thai people will want to express their love and respect to His Majesty the King on this occasion and at this historic place. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The King Rama IX Birthplace is truly unique. It has been revered as a rare historical landmark because it not only represents someone we love and respect, but it also represents a chance for cultural exchange to take place. The location of the monument is significant because Cambridge , Massachusetts , USA is the birthplace of His Majesty.

The intention of the King's monument is to honor the accomplishments of the King and to create an environment where Thai people, Americans and others can learn about the King's significance to both societies and appreciate one another. We invite everyone to join us in: establishing this foundation of hope, disseminating Thai-Americans history, nurturing and strengthening and understanding between the two nations and their people, and emphasizing the reciprocal nature of those relations.

That is why the King's Monument is an opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime. It is an opportunity to unite Thai people, Americans, and all others who share the same vision of preserving a piece of Thai history.

In 1992 devoted Thai citizens in this area erected, with the assistance of the Cambridge City Council and the Mayor, a modest sign at the intersection of Eliot and Bennett Streets near the Kennedy School , designating the square King Bhumibol Adulyadej Square . The Square was originally dedicated by his youngest daughter, Her Royal Highness Princess Chulaporn on April 8th, 1990 and was unveiled by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on November 14th, 1992 .

The square has been an appealing site for visitors from Thailand as well as Thai citizens throughout the United States . It has been good for tourist business in the Harvard Square area. The Thai community in Cambridge continues to grow rapidly with high-quality professional and medical people as well as students. With their strong interest in the arts, the influx of Thais has had a positive influence on the cultural life of Cambridge .

Although Thailand is a small country, it has remained a close friend and supporter of U.S. interests dating back to the original New England States. The first Treaty made by the United States with a foreign country was with Thailand in 1855.


About the King of Thailand Birthplace Foundation

The King of Thailand Birthplace Foundation, a nonprofit corporation and public charity incorporated in 1998 under 501(c)(3) in Massachusetts . KTBF is comprised of Thai and American men and women who believe in cultural exchange, community service, and historic preservation.

Our objective is to establish and maintain a Cultural Center recognizing the birthplace of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand who is the only monarch of a foreign country to be born in the USA , Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge . Our major activity is to promote cultural exchanges. The program has been highly successful.

In addition to the joint project with the city of Cambridge to improve King Bhumibol Square, KTBF is also in a process of establishing KTBF Library and Museum in Gloucester in honor of King Bhumibol and his family who used to live in Massachusetts from 1916 - 1928. The owner of the house where HRH Prince Mahidol stayed when HRH first arrived in Massachusetts has donated two rooms in their home to be used as a library and museum purpose. Another project is developing the Thai history path by placing the bronze plaque at each house where HRH Prince Mahidol and Princess Mother used to stay from 1916 – 1928 in Massachusetts .

Our foundation relies on the contribution from the individuals and corporation. If you wish to support our projects, your tax-deductible contribution can be sent to


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