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Cultural Exchange Program

Each year KTBF hosts several cultural exchange programs for student groups who wish to experience American culture, and share Thai culture with new friends.

Whether being here for two months between March and May, or one month in October, the students are exposed to American life and history through educational workshops and classes, visits to historical places, and local sites such as Boston and Plymouth. Students also have ample opportunities to meet Americans by attending the Burlington Public Schools System at Burlington, Massachusetts during the program.

Not only exposing American culture, but we also expect our students to share Thai culture such as Thai arts, games, music or dance. The programs provide at least one time for each student to perform their talents on several events during the program.

The cultural exchange program is established to provide an opportunity for Thai children to learn about American culture as well as sharing Thai culture to American students in k-12 level. We have brought Thai children from Thailand to join our program each year. We also look for an opportunity to bring American students to learn Thai culture in Thailand as well as sharing American cultures to Thai students in Thailand schools in the future.

This program is not an ESL type program, but concentrating on cultural exchange which includes arts, music, cultural performance, games and languages. This program does not require an academic excellence. The program does not require English Competency, but each student will pick up English quickly through the program activities. The program requires the willingness to change from both student and parent to put students in the success team work and leadership training program while exposing themselves to the cultural differences.

Our program is unique and different from many other programs because students will spend the whole time in class with all other American students while they are not in cultural performance session. Our students learn American culture and language naturally on their own with some help from our program coordinators. Some qualified students are assigned to stay with American family. A “qualified student” means a student is capable to demonstrate good Thai culture and manner to other people as well as willing to adjust him/her self to American culture.

Our cultural exchange program has been sustained and continued since 1999. Some students returned from a program to another program. We encourage you to join our program in any way; as a host family, as a student exchange, as a participating school either in Thailand or US, as a representative in Thailand or in US, as a chaperon in the program.


If you are interested in our program, please download and read more information from the links below. This process will require a Microsoft Word's technology in order to view the documents. If you don't have this product, please contact Microsoft for futher information.


Brochure - more information about our program including qualification, acceptance criteria and requirement.


Program between March and May (2 months program)

Program between October and November (1 month program)


Please contact for the information about the cost of our program.

Application and Required Documents

1. Application - fill in this application and send to our agency with Guardian form and other required documents.

2. Guardian Form - this form is to give us an authority to be a guardian for your kids so that we can take care of them easily and efficiently.

3. Recommendation - provide one or more of recommendation from your teacher or relative person.

4. Transcript - provide your current transcript with your application form

5. Medical and health record - provide your health record for applying a visa.


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