Cholthanee Koerojna



She is a Computer Scientist working at Massachusetts Bay Community College as an Assistant Vice President for Computing Services. Her professional career is Administrative Computing Services Management. Her primary responsibility is management on IT infrastructure, Telecommunication, Network, MIS and IT services and development. Her expertise is Management Information System (MIS) Application Development Project Administration. Her current highlight project is utilizing e-business in education. She has worked in management career for 30 years in both Thailand and the U.S.

Cholthanee has received honors and awards such as, the award winner of World Application Contest on "Real World, GUI Client/Server Application Development" at Computer Associates World Conference in 1996, Top Ten Award of INGRES application at INGRES World Conference in 1993 and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Citation for Outstanding Performance in 1990.

Her accomplishments have been continuing recognized at CAWorld Conference and published worldwide since 1996. Over 25,000 attendees attended this conference each year.

Cholthanee has been actively working with Thais, Americans and companies in Thailand and Thai people in North America , Japan , European Countries and Thailand since 1991 while she resides in the U.S. In 2001 she is one of the founders of the Thai Association of Boston which the establishment is in progress. In 1998 she was one of founders of a non-profit 501(c)(3) and public charity, The King of Thailand Birthplace Foundation (KTBF). She has served as the president of the foundation since then. This foundation presently focuses on education and cultural exchanges. In 1995 she established Thai Link “Reverse Brain Drain” to promote the Reverse Brain Drain (RBD) Project of Thailand and to respond the needs of Thailand and Thai people living abroad. Her works include conducting the Reverse Brain Drain (RBD) Seminars, Workshop and career fair through out the United States and London . Her Thai Link's web site, “ ” brings Thais around the world that wish to return home into the database. This project has helped to bring many Thais back home every year.

She has worked with Thailand universities, government agencies and private sectors for technology exchanges in the area of computer technologies and curriculum development since 1991. She continues working with Thailand through the government in Computer Technology area and Autonomous University Strategic Planning.

She actively promotes “Thai Trains Thai” project. She trained Thai students and professionals in Boston area and professionals in Thailand in Information Technology (IT). Successful projects are in the area of the Reverse Brain Drain promotional media and Management Information System (MIS). The media examples are in the format of CD-ROM. These media were distributed to students, professionals and colleges in the U.S. , the United Kingdom and companies in Thailand . The titles are: 1) It' Time to Come Together...The Reverse Brain Drain Project of Thailand : 1996, 2) Thai Link Kick-Off, “Road to Thailand :1996, 3) “Going Home ”: 1996, 4) “Bring Me Back Home” : 1997, 5) Songkran Thai New Year : 1997, 6) The Autonomous Team : 2000.

During 1991 to 1995, Cholthanee has been actively involved with Thai Professionals in America and Canada (ATPAC). She is one of the ATPAC founders. She served as Acting President in 1994, and served as an Executive Vice President and the Vice President of the Eastern Region of ATPAC during 1992 to1994. She also served as a Membership Drive Chairperson and Advisory Board member in 1995.

Cholthanee received her Bachelor's degree from Srinakarinwirot Prasarnmit University in 1971. She did another Bachelor degree program work in Computer Science and received two Master's degrees in Computer/Mathematics and in Computer Sciences from University of Massachusetts Lowell in 1985 and 1987 and a Doctor of Science Candidate in Computer Science in 1986.


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